Laurent Guardelli interviewé dans Labour & Employment Annual review 2016

What notable developments in employment law have you seen in your region over the last 12 months or so? Have there been any significant changes to employee rights or company obligations, for example?

There has indeed, since, as we write these pages, three major pieces of legislation have been provided by Parliament in less than a year, regarding all aspects of labour and employment, from relations with personnel representative bodies to collective bargaining rules, health and safety at work, redundancies or trade union law.

As a matter of example, a bill has been in Parliament for 5 months now and has just been realised, which virtually amends 50% of our 3,500+ pages labour code. For instance, a brand new definition of the economic grounds of dismissal has been provided for, a major change.

How would you describe labour relations in your region at present? To what extent has the influence of unions and workers councils grown?

While French labour relations may look very tough from abroad, you may want to look at company level in order to really understand what labour relations are, beyond major strikes and other street fights.

One must remember that, in France, unions have been provided with numerous prerogatives but only 7 to 8% of French employees are actually union members.

Auteur : Laurent Guardelli

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