Real Estate & Construction

Coblence & Associés has developed an extensive knowledge of real estate law, for both advisory and litigation services. The department has expertise in business, mixed-use and retail lease law, as well as in rental contract and lease financing law. It also specializes in construction and joint ownership law. Its practice covers all issues related to public and private procurement contracts, urban planning, sales and expropriation law.

Its clientele consists of companies and groups working in a wide range of different business sectors (industry, services, etc.) and of all real estate professionals (institutional, social landlords, private and public project owners, developers, construction companies, etc.).

Coblence & Associés assists its clients with legal and administrative litigations.

Key areas


  • Preliminary study of the legal aspects of projects
  • Legal audit
  • Assistance with negotiating and drawing up leases and sub-leases, agreements for the provision and occupancy of premises and other rental agreements
  • Lease transfers (alone or as part of the sale of a business) and transfers of businesses
  • Lease renewals
  • Pre-litigations (notices, payment summons) and amicable documents (amicable termination agreements)
  • Litigations related to:

– The closing, performance and non-performance of leases

– Rent reviews, setting of rent amounts on renewed leases, setting of eviction and occupation indemnities

– Termination and breach of leases or of occupancy agreements

  • Arbitration and mediation


  • Assistance and advice on the awarding and performance of private and public prourement contracts
  • Assistance and advice on the liquidation of private and public proocurement accounts
  • Assistance and advice on property development transactions
  • Multi-jurisdictional litigations relating to buildings and building permits:

– Special proceedings for expert reports (preventive, defects, right of way, financial claims, etc.)

– Special proceedings for advance amounts

– Legal actions for compensation for repairing defects or faulty work, for loss of use, etc.

– Building insurance (legal guarantees, contractor insurance, comprehensive work site insurance, etc.)

– Subcontracting, Dailly Law assignment form, contract breakdowns, financial claims, labels, certifications, etc.

  • Litigations related to the awarding and performance of public procurement contracts
  • Litigations related to urban planning authorizations
  • Expropriation
  • Private transactions and resolution of large-scale differences and litigations
  • Negotiation
  • Arbitration and mediation

Joint ownership

  • Assistance in resolving problems arising from joint ownership, the adjustment and modification of joint ownership rules
  • Disputes related to non-compliance with joint ownership rules, invalidation of decisions made during the general meeting of joint owners

Property sales

  • Assistance and advice for property acquisitions and sales
  • Litigations related to unilateral sales agreements and deeds of sale
  • Resolution and termination of sales
  • Negotiation
  • Arbitration and mediation


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