The ADLAW network was founded in 1991 and now has 23 member law firms specialized in advertising and marketing. The members come from many different countries (Australia, USA, China, EEC, etc.).

Its objective is to simplify legal processes (finding lawyers, budgets, consultations and litigation, etc.) for advertisers and agencies when they develop advertising campaigns in foreign countries.

ADLAW held its annual conference in Paris in September 2015 on the theme of “Smart Advertising”. Each firm presented the issues specific to their country.



AVOSIAL, founded in 2004, is a union of companies’s lawyers specializing in employment and labor law. It has nearly 400 members throughout France.

AVOSIAL’s primary focus is on labor law simplification and security. The union works to promote the know-how of its members in the areas of employment and labor law and the development of doctrine. AVOSIAL members meet in thematic committees which work on current affairs topics to develop concrete proposals based on their professional practice in the service of companies.



CYBERLEX (Law and New Technologies Association) works to promote better understanding and management of the legal and technical aspects of Multimedia and the Internet. Its specificity is that it brings together technicians, legal experts, lawyers and digital and technology market professionals.

CYBERLEX has been a place for exchange and discussion for over 10 years where everyone can express their opinion on topics including legislation, legal cases, the positions of players, the impact of technology innovations on the economy and law. in a spirit of tolerance and friendship.

The association meets once a month to discuss a specific topic. This enables informal discussion on the major (and minor) current events in the legal and new technology fields.

CYBERLEX has organized the “Rencontres Annuelles du Droit de l’Internet” annually since its founding in 2006.



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