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Coblence & Associés has worked with the SEED Foundation since 2010.

As part of our firm’s pro bono program, we support the SEED Foundation, an endowment fund involved in fighting hunger and poverty in rural Africa.

Why support an endowment fund? The diversity of our cases and the topics we deal with on a daily basis are the essence of our business. As a result, we couldn’t help just one organization or support just one action. In addition, the redistribution of capitalization products, one of the operating principles of the fund, to a range of nongovernmental organizations was very appealing to us.

The SEED Foundation has worked to improve agricultural development through its endowments since 2010. This will be the key to a sustainable decrease in malnutrition and, more broadly, a lever for economic growth in the countries of the Sahel.

Coblence & Associés has always felt strongly about developing access to work. The support we provide to the SEED Foundation enables us to continue our work in that respect, notably through projects to implement sustainable farming and agri-foods activities in Africa. As part of the partnership, Coblence & Associés also ensures that a significant effort is made to promote the work done by women. This is an area which all members of the firm are particularly invested in.

We have committed our complementary expertise and shared ideals to the SEED Foundation to bring new approaches to the problems faced by Africa.

With 16 sustained projects in nine African countries, over €250,000 collected and over 39,000 beneficiaries, the SEED Foundation is making a significant contribution to food safety in Africa.

A Coblence & Associés team went to Burkina Faso in March 2015 to visit two of the projects supported by the fund and to meet its beneficiaries.

  • 06/2016: Summer party of SEED : “Aux ruches de Brazzaville” –

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  • 10/2015: The SEED Foundation celebrates its fifth anniversary and Coblence & Associés renews its commitment :  Happy birthday SEED Foundation !

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  • 07/2015 : Coblence & Associés renewals its supports to SEED Foundation for 5 years

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  • 03/2015 : Discover Coblence’s visit in Burkina Faso

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  • 06/02/2014 : Jean-Marc Coblence interviewed about Coblence’s commitment to SEED


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